Sometimes in life it is so easy to focus on what We don’t have rather than what we do have. I’ve been blessed with great friends and family that, I feel has and will continue to help me a long this life journey. I’m always one to be petermistic about the future. Looking for growth and Improvement. However I Feel there should Actually be a celebration day, a Testimony Extraveganza as to Where God has Brought you from in the Last 3-5 Years. Like for real Ive been through my fair share but through it all God has been Good. I’ve just recently graduated from university still waiting on my full grade as i have retakes, but even though I’m looking towards the future i pray to never forget the past. This time last year I was in a M hospital. Look cant even fully bring my self to saying it. It was my final year last year and I fe ill Close to the End of the Year. It was quite challenging as i realy wanted to get to the End last year but i didn’t. Not because of, intelligence or lack of trying but because of my Health. But though the Devil attacked, My god Still has a plan for me and here I am. God is truely great even through the hard times.



Love is not easy, love is said to be passionate, loving, and kind. I always try to understand what true love is, or weather or not I’m showing love to people. I used to think love ment giving all my money away to homeless people. But I soon, realised that, that’s not always the case. The bible does say that, man shall not live by bread alone.not saying, that people don’t need money but the Prinicple thing is wisdom therefore seek it. Sometimes a friendly convosation, with a stranger,  or a talk, or even a prayer, is all the love someone needs. Sometimes what I think, is that people forget, and I do aswell is that the deciples, never, had money. But yet they still showed loved. Jesus when he left, said greater things will we do, once he has left, because he left us with the holy spirit. So I Believe all in all that love is sacrificial. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten, son, so that who so ever shall belief in him, shall not perish but have everlasting life. All in all to love, I feel is to love our neigbor as our selves. But most importantly love our neigbor as ourselves. As these are the most important commandments. Grace and peace family.
 How to love:

Based on you, and what God lays on your heart, or you find doing with ease. For instance obedience, to the right things like commandments, and go the word is love. 

Other ways include to

– Giving 

– spending quality time

– Touching (But I don’t see that In the bible though, hand holding, and other things that married people do)

– Talking, friendly convosation.

– Prayers